Live on BBC World News

This week I’ve had one of the most thrilling experiences in my career – I was live on BBC World News! I was invited to their Red Square studio after participating in BBC World News radio programme. I thought I was nervous going live on radio – well, it doesn’t even come close to what I felt this time. My very first live TV broadcast from studio – happening to be on BBC World News, exposed to all BBC viewers across the globe! Needless to say the butterflies in my stomach made me tremble and stumble all the way – luckily not too much, so the general impression of my debut was fine, I suppose. What makes me particularly annoyed is the vividness of my accent, which I can’t control that well in the moments of stress. I still feel quite happy about it.

I have had a chance to share my thoughts on the Russian national team, Team Japan and Team England’s recent victory – three countries I call my home, competing in the biggest football tournament on the Earth, taking place on the ground of my roots. Something to remember!

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