Hello and welcome

Just a week before FIFA World Cup 2018 commences, I am launching this blog to share some of my own impressions and insights from the event. As I have been lucky enough to join one of the teams covering the tournament, I hope that this year I will finally maintain a habit of posting new content regularly.

The main problem I find with keeping a journal of sports events (if that’s not your actual job, of course!) is that they really get you immersed. Olympics, World Cups, all major international projects of this kind hold you within the total sense of Here and Now – at least that’s how I feel about them. The amount of emotions you get is almost overwhelming, and the excitement and thrill is so intense that it’s hard to find the right words to describe your impressions the right way. So you live it, you love it, you absorb the experience, but it never gets put into any sort of content. That’s my syndrome, and that’s something I’m determined to fix this time.

I am currently working in the International Broadcast Center with the team from NHK – Japanese Broadcasting Corporation. There’s actually a whole story behind my bonds with NHK, which I have described in my Biography . As a coordinator of the 8K team (I’m going to go over what 8K is in one of my next posts), I sometimes have to spend plenty of time in a stand-by mode, which will hopefully give me a chance to share more thoughts, pictures and videos on this blog.

Wish me luck!


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